What games have April fool's joke today?

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What games have April fool's joke today?

Beitragvon BrianPugh » Mo 2. Apr 2018, 07:22


I like seeing what pranks developers pull on there player bases, be it that time guild wars turned everyone into stick figures or when path of exile spawned cats every time you landed a critical strike. Course, I have family stuff to do today, so I can't go out and see much.
What's pranking today, or what were some good ones pulled on your favorite games?

Please help.

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Re: What games have April fool's joke today?

Beitragvon HugeSpieler » Fr 23. Nov 2018, 09:07

Ich erinnere mich an einen solchen Witz: was die Natur mit dem Charakter einiger Leute gemacht hat, wird niemand Witze schlimmer machen. :) Versuchen Sie also, Ihre Witze leicht und harmlos zu halten.
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