Boss Land I will no longer support

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Boss Land I will no longer support

Beitragvon BrianPugh » Di 19. Dez 2017, 13:53


It is pretty upsetting after taking some years off that I come back and see my lifetime keys have expired! This only goes to show that if bossland cant honor an agreement that they them self created to people who have been customers since 2013 they can no longer be trusted or supported with my money! You have agreed to a lifetime key and gone back on your word bossland I hope this opens you up to more lawsuits for lying and taking people moneys on something you didn't honor. I understand court fee and lawyers are not cheap but going back on your word on supporting customers makes you a cheap lying company, I hope blizzard drives bossland into the ground.


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Re: Boss Land I will no longer support

Beitragvon luzzi-reloaded » Do 21. Dez 2017, 04:15

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